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Giving you the vacation

of your dreams

My goal is to work with you to plan an unforgettable vacation.

Elated Escapes works with you to plan an experience you’ll never forget. Founded in 2018, we are a premier Travel Agency based in Austin, TX (although we work with clients from all over). We take care of all the details, so you can go straight to the fun.
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I'm Meaghan & I've always loved travel

Hi! I'm Meaghan. I’m a luxury travel advisor, and the owner of Austin, TX-based Elated Escapes Travel LLC, a Departure Lounge affiliate.

I've been recognized and quoted as a travel expert in publications like USA Today, US News & World report, Travel & Leisure magazine, and more.

I first fell in love with travel when I attended a month-long summer camp in Sweden as an 11-year old child. My love of travel was cemented when I later participated in a study abroad program during my junior year of college, and traveled to London, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. Since then, I've tried to travel as much as I can over the years, so I figured, why not share my love of travel with others and make travel planning my career? Working as a travel advisor feeds my soul. There’s nothing that makes me happier than hearing positive feedback from clients who have visited a country for the first time and had a magical experience. Travel can be eye-opening, world-changing, and transformative, and I love being the catalyst that helps my clients experience these special moments.

But…I don’t just plan travel for others. I write about travel, too. In my free time, I've been a lifestyle writer for many years. I've had my articles published in several national consumer and lifestyle publications like VIA (AAA’s travel magazine), Cooking Light, and Glamour magazine. Writing requires inspiration, research, organization, and attention to detail – all qualities I bring to my full-time career in travel planning.

When it comes to travel, I specialize in family travel, adventure travel, cultural travel, and food and wine experiences.


Remember back to a few years when travel was considered “sightseeing”? We’d go to places like Paris and “see” the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, or go to Rome and “see” the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. While it’s always nice to travel to faraway places and witness these iconic “sights” in person, travel itineraries focused on authentic, "local" experiences excite me the most. Over the years, I've sent clients on some amazing off-the-beaten path experiences on their travels, such as: a spanakopita cooking class at a chef's home in Mykonos; a wine tasting at a tiny family winery in someone’s home in Slovenia; a Pad Thai-making class at a family home in Chiang Mai, Thailand; and so on. I’ve sent clients truffle hunting in Croatia, I’ve had them make their own olive oil at a farm in Greece, I’ve had them hike an active volcano in Italy, and so on. Is it fun to go sightseeing? Absolutely. But it’s even more fun to really get to know a culture and its people by participating in their customs and activities alongside them.

When it comes to research, I believe the best way to help my clients is to travel often in order to experience the destinations I send them to. For instance, in Africa alone, I've traveled all over South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, and I've stayed at nearly 20 different safari lodges, hotels and resorts -- and toured many more. This firsthand destination knowledge gives me an expertise I'm happy and proud to share with my clients.

I also try to see and do it ALL when I travel - so I can make informed recommendations. I've been shark cage diving in South Africa, ziplining in Costa Rica, toboggan riding in Austria, motorbiking in the Cambodian jungle, and so on.

If you're reading this, you must have the desire to travel. I would love to be your travel partner! When it comes to helping my clients, I use my destination knowledge, industry contacts, and resources to book the most memorable trips possible. Big budget? Smaller budget? Traveling solo, or with a family or group? River cruise, ocean cruise? Villa on the beach? Resort? European itinerary? African safari? No matter where you want to go, and who you want to go with, I have the knowhow and experience to book all kinds of dream vacations. How can I help YOU?

What are you waiting for? Reach out to me today for help planning your next travel adventure!

Namibia in 2020

Some favorite (recent) trips

Slovenia in 2021
Image by Štefan Štefančík
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