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Our Travel Planning Process

Maybe this is your first time working with a travel advisor, or maybe you're an old pro, but chances are you're interested in learning more about how Elated Escapes works with you to create amazing trips and adventures. The following steps will walk you through our process of working with you.


The first step in working with us is to fill out our Trip Questionnaire. This document asks you questions about the type of trip that you are looking to take. Do you want to travel internationally? Domestically? Do you want to visit multiple places? Do you want to travel by land, air, or sea? Do you have a budget in mind? Do you want to stay in hotels, or rent a villa? Are you a solo traveler, or are you going with friends or family? These are the types of questions on the questionnaire that will allow us to have a better idea of how you like to travel, how much you're hoping to spend, and the places you want to go. Once we receive your questionnaire, we'll reach out to plan a time for us to chat. During the chat, we'll ask you more questions about the type of trip you're looking for, answer any questions you have for us, and discuss our planning fees* and timelines with you.



If our consultation leaves us both wanting to work together, we'll move forward! Once we make that decision, we'll send you an invoice for our planning fee (if there is one), so that we can get started. When that gets paid, we will consider ourselves "hired," and begin planning your trip.



This is where the heavy lifting begins for us. We'll research your trip options, reach out to our contacts, suppliers, and in-country partners, and begin the process of building your itinerary. When complete, we'll present you with a beautiful online proposal. Your job will be to read over the proposal, and let us know what you think. Do you have comments? Questions? Are there trip elements you want to modify, change or delete altogether? This is when we'll work closely together to tweak and refine your itinerary until it's exactly what you want, at a price you want.



Once everything is decided, we'll begin working to finalize all of the details of your trip, such as booking your hotel rooms, buying your rail and ferry tickets, and booking your tours. We'll also send you confirmations so you know when everything has been taken care of, and we'll give you access to any information (such as reservation or confirmation numbers) you'll need on your trip. We'll also handle special requests at this stage.



With your trip now perfectly planned and presented to you, it's time to travel! If we did our job correctly, we'll have handled all the details so that all you have to do is show up for the fun! You'll want to download our helpful itinerary app before you go so you can have all your trip plans, info and documents in one convenient place while you travel. You'll also be able to message us from within the app, so if you have any questions or encounter any issues while you travel, you'll be able to contact us with ease. In most cases when you travel internationally, we'll also give you access to 24-hour, in-country support.

Ready to get started?

If so, click the link below to be taken to our Client Questionnaire, so that after you fill it out
we can get in touch with you!

*Fees & Pricing:

Not every trip or vacation requires a planning fee, but for the trips that do, our fee for researching and building your individualized, expertly-crafted, one-of-a-kind custom itinerary begins at $250. Your fee will depend upon how complex your trip is, how many people are traveling, and how many trip components are involved. We will communicate any fee to you during our initial consultation call.

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